Alcohol is Linked to 750,000 Cancer Cases

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 10/26/2021

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Find out why this breakthrough study links alcohol to increased cancer risk.


0:00 Introduction: Alcohol is linked to 750,00 cancer cases

1:13 Why alcohol can increase the risk of cancer

2:17 How to reduce alcohol consumption

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In this video, we’re going to talk about a study that links alcohol to 750,000 cancer cases each year.

A worldwide study in 2020 looked at the relationship between alcohol and cancer. They found that 4% of all cancers are caused by alcohol. 75% of these alcohol-related cancer cases are in men.

The most common types of cancer related to alcohol consumption (in order) are:

• Esophagus (32%!)

• Liver

• Breast

• Colorectal

• Head and neck

Alcohol-related cancer cases are most prevalent in eastern Asia and central and eastern Europe.

The question is, why does alcohol consumption increase your risk of cancer? There are five primary reasons. Take a look.

1. Alcohol gives off a toxic carcinogen called acetaldehyde

2. Alcohol increases ROS

3. Alcohol blocks antioxidant nutrients

4. Alcohol increases estrogen

5. Alcohol makes carcinogens more easily absorbed

Drinking kombucha tea can help reduce your cravings for alcohol. It has a similar texture to beer or champaign, and it can create a relaxed feeling after consuming it.

Nutritional yeast is also great for curbing cravings because it’s loaded with B vitamins.



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