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Blog >> Top 3 Reasons Skipping Breakfast Is Good For You (Even When You’ve Been Told It’s Not)

Top 3 Reasons Skipping Breakfast Is Good For You (Even When You’ve Been Told It’s Not)

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You swat the alarm, drag yourself into the kitchen, and try to focus on your next task.

But your brain’s as foggy as your bathroom mirror after a hot shower.

What comes next?

Oh yes. Coffee.

A woman in a blue robe with a cup looks tired | 3 Reasons to Skip Breakfast


In this article: -

  1. The Top 3 Reasons Why Not Eating Breakfast Will Improve Your Health
  2. The Most Important Rule
  3. Impressive Weight Loss Too!
  4. Over To You


As you glurp a big dollop of sweetened creamer into your cup, you try to force yourself into autopilot; after all, this is a morning like any other.

Yet you just can’t seem to kick yourself into the routine. It’s nearly impossible to focus.

Bleary-eyed, you pour milk over your bowl of Frosted Flakes and reach for the juice.

I want to yell, “Stop!”

Because you probably don’t know skipping breakfast is good for your health.

Yes, even though you’ve been told for your entire life it’s the most important meal of the day. Sometimes you feel as though you’d be completely useless for the entire day if you didn’t eat in the morning.

I used to be like you.

It took me a while to realize that skipping breakfast won’t kill you. I used to recommend it, even in my earlier books! Years ago I had severe low blood sugar (known as hypoglycemia). I felt better when I ate, so I reasoned my patients would too.

Then I realized the problem with eating breakfast: when you eat right away after you wake up - especially high-carbohydrate food - you immediately raise your insulin level and set off a chain reaction that causes you to crave sweets the rest of the day. Then you launch yourself into wild blood sugar swings with their incessant hunger and irritability.

You know those days when you can’t stop being hungry no matter how much you eat? When your head is pounding and you sometimes feel dizzy? Now you know what’s going on: your breakfast is the culprit.

And by eating breakfast, you also slow your metabolism, experience weight gain, and put yourself at risk for heart disease.

I bet you never thought your toast and jam was life-threatening, but eat enough of it for long enough and you put yourself at serious risk of most of our modern day diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and even neurological conditions like Alzheimer's.

But don’t fret! Skipping breakfast is easier than you think. In fact, it’s part of intermittent fasting, an ancient practice that has benefited people’s health for thousands of years.

Let’s dive in.


The Top 3 Reasons Why Not Eating Breakfast Will Improve Your Health

1. You’ll stop slowing down your metabolism.

When you eat breakfast, over time your metabolism will slow down, with its accompanying high insulin level that prevents you from burning fat and losing weight. Insulin locks fat onto your body; you can’t lose weight when your insulin levels are high.

You also put yourself at risk for insulin resistance, which will lead to Type 2 diabetes if left uncorrected.

2. You won’t lose the benefits of your overnight fast.

As the word breakfast implies - you break your fast. All night you’ve been fasting and burning fat, perhaps even producing ketones as a better fuel source for your body than sugar.

Then you wake up and eat, which spikes your insulin and nullifies the benefits of the fast you just gifted your body with overnight. These benefits are:

  • Autophagy: the recycling action of your cells. Your cells are cleaning themselves of waste and damaged protein, especially in your brain.
  • Formation of new brain cells (neurogenesis): yes, when you extend your overnight fast by skipping breakfast, your body makes new brain cells.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect: for example, if you have inflammation or arthritis, skipping breakfast will ease your inflammation.
  • Body repair: when you skip breakfast you give your body - including your digestive tract - a better chance to repair itself. This repair process includes autophagy.

Autophagy. Flat vector illustration of a plate with a fork and a knife and hand lettering in black and white | 3 Reasons to Skip Breakfast

3. You’ll stop harming your body with standard breakfast foods.

Our typical breakfast foods are loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar: juice, toast, cereal, pancakes, fruit, and sweetened yogurt, for example, are a common part of many people’s breakfast.

But here’s the harm you do to your body when you eat these items:

  • You create a big insulin spike in your body;
  • about 90 minutes later you’ll be very hungry before lunchtime; then,
  • you’ll be craving sweets the rest of the day; and,
  • because your blood sugar’s swinging wildly throughout the day, by nighttime you’ll be craving exactly the wrong foods for your health.

If this sounds like what happens to you when you eat breakfast, I guarantee it means you’re eating too many carbs in the morning or too many the days before your cravings strike. Try writing down what you eat and see if you can identify this cause and effect.


The Most Important Rule

The cardinal rule for skipping breakfast and extending your fast is:

If you’re not hungry, don’t eat!

You’ve been conditioned to eat in the morning - whether or not you’re hungry. It’s normal, right?

Think about those mornings you’re on autopilot, cruising along putting your breakfast together and either sitting down to eat or even eating on the run. Because you’ve heard for so long that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s almost like sacrilege to skip it.

But really pay attention to your hunger level in the morning. Ride the “not hungry” wave as long as you can. It’s perfectly fine for you to feel hungry as long as you don’t have blood sugar symptoms like lightheadedness, irritability, sugar cravings, and brain fog.

Ideally, have your first meal at noon, then one more meal for dinner.

Seriously: your body will thank you for skipping breakfast.

And if you’re worried about whether you’re really going to be able to skip your breakfast, I have a cheat sheet for you that will help.


Impressive Weight Loss Too!

In addition to the benefits you now know about, skipping breakfast, as part of intermittent fasting is one of the most powerful ways for you to achieve impressive weight loss.

You don’t do this by cutting calories; you do this by skipping breakfast and unlocking the benefits of extending your overnight fast as long as you can. When you fast, you influence two main hormones in your body as follows:

  • Increase growth hormone, which is anti-aging as well as being the most powerful fat-burning hormone that also builds your muscles and protects lean body mass; and,
  • Decrease insulin, which is so powerful that in sufficiently high amounts it will block growth hormone and its fat burning.

The combination of increasing your growth hormone while decreasing your insulin is incredibly powerful for losing your body fat.

Beautiful smiling young woman holding green apple and looking down at oversized jeans isolated on white | 3 Reasons to Skip Breakfast


Over To You

Getting healthy and losing weight can be a battle.

One that you’ve probably been waging for a long time, with a very little success.

Your enemy?

The dizzying variety of conflicting health and weight loss information out there.

This battle is not for the faint of heart.

The good news is, you can start with the simple step of skipping breakfast. Today. And then again tomorrow. Then the next day.

Stick with it long enough and you’ll feel energetic, more focused, and happier. You’ll relish the feeling of your weight dropping off.

It’s almost like magic. But really, you’re working with your body, not against it.

So get going. Your body’s counting on you!

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