Estrogen: The Ovary and Adrenal Hormone

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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I’d like to discuss a very important hormone called “estrogen”. Estrogen gives the fat layer around a female body (just below the skin), it feminizes bodies, and it causes the development of the female sex organs—the breasts, uterus, fallopian tubes, and vagina. This hormone is produced mainly by the ovaries, but also by the adrenal glands and fat cells. Estrogen has bone-making qualities as well as an effect of connecting the ends of bones together. This is why women are shorter than men, because of the closing of bone plates. Estrogen makes the skin soft and smooth. Estrogen has a slight effect of sodium retention. When estrogen is increased excessively, a woman can accumulate surplus fat not only under the skin as cellulite but on the buttocks, the outer thighs and just below the bellybutton. This fat (potential energy) can then be used during pregnancy to help the survival of the infant. Read more...

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