You Are The Adrenal Body Type

adrenal body type

When your body becomes overwhelmed by stress, it starts to pump out excess cortisol, the belly fat hormone. But the question is why? Interestingly, the body is trying to survive by storing potential energy (fat) around the most important organs, which happen to be around your mid-section.

Your problem is not really a weight problem
- it's a hormone problem!

Whether you realize it or not, traditional ways of losing weight make this body type worse. Dieting is starving to this body type; exercise is stress to this body type. Anything that adds stress makes it worse. This is why those sit-ups never worked - because contracting your abdominal muscles do not lower cortisol.

You may also find that your tolerance to stress is becoming a problem. Your memory can also be affected. Your adrenal gland reacts to all stress and as this gland becomes weaker and weaker, stress hits you harder.

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The Three Stages of the Adrenal Body Type

The Three Stages of the Adrenal Body Type

You will start to see fat accumulating in your mid-section first, then the top of your upper back will develop a fat pad because your body is trying to compensate from the belly fat pulling you forward. Adrenal types start craving chocolate and salt and even carbs. If you can envision being chased by a lion and the body reactions that would occur over time; it will make sense. For example, digestion and reproduction slow causing constipation and a decreased libido. You might start feeling bloating or even acid reflux as this stems from a stress response. The heart even works harder - this is one of the reasons why sleep is poor - your body never rests. And your memory will suffer because when stress depletes oxygen to the brain.

By Stage 3, your muscles in your legs start to be used as fuel. Actually this fuel is turned into fat around your belly. So over time your legs get smaller and you eventually lose your butt. Where does all this protein fuel go? To your belly of course. Your adrenals don't care what you look like - it's all about survival.

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Some Adrenal Body Type Issues

Following a low calorie diet with exercise makes the Adrenal Type worse. You are adding MORE stress into an already stressed-out body.

adrenal glands
Adrenal Glands


We have developed a comprehensive solution to help support all the stress responses in your body. This goes way beyond traditional calorie counting and exhaustive exercise. You will learn a technique to extract stress from your body, which will help you sleep. You would receive vital nutrients to enhance your metabolism without stimulating or burning out your metabolism. You will learn the best exercise to lose belly fat, which is very different that doing treadmill exercise 5 days a week.

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Your weight loss program is in two phases:

PHASE 1: Get Healthy Kit. Often a missing essential step to weight loss. With the Get Healthy Kit, you will receive 4-week package, including:

Gallbladder and Adrenal Formulas
Gallbladder Formula and your Adrenal Body Type Formula

  • Gallbladder Formula - Supporting the gallbladder allows the body to release toxins and enhance digestion, getting more out of your foods you already eat. Many people do not absorb enough nutrients.

  • The Adrenal Body Type Formula - formulated for The Adrenal Body Type for supporting stress. By taking key nutrients to reduce your body stress response, and getting a better quality sleep.

PHASE 2: Fat Burning Kit. This is done after the Get Healthy Phase, and supplies your body with the essential nutrients. With the Fat Burning Kit, you will receive 4-week package, including:

Supernutrients and Adrenal Formulas
Super Nutrients and your Adrenal Body Type Formula

  • Super Nutrients - This product gives your body vital nutrients for supporting your metabolism, enhancing your brain function and giving the body nourishment.

  • The Adrenal Body Type Formula - formulated for The Adrenal Body Type for supporting stress responses.

Supernutrients and Adrenal Formulas

  • This kit also includes, "Dr. Berg's Cranberry Drink" which contains a natural whole food powder, filled with electrolytes and phytonutrients. Using a combination of cranberry powder, lemon powder, apple powder, ginger powder, this blend will hydrate you and decrease cravings. It's sweetened with a zero glycemic stevia and xylitol.


How to Lose Belly Fat, Not Just Weight

The solution for the Adrenal Body Type is done through a two phase approach:

First is a Get Healthy phase formulated to naturally support the health of your glands and hormones.
Second is the fat burning phase which will help to naturally turn on the body's fat burning hormones.

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Exercise Magic is an amazing software to figure out your exact exercise pattern based on your fitness level. It will then give you many examples of both fat burning exercises and reshaping workouts with explainations. Also included is Dr. Berg's stretching program to double your flexibility in half the time. Never again waste time with the wrong exercise for your body. (A $97.00 per month value)

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7 Principles of Fat Burning

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